The Vainqueur Webtoon is Online!

Dear dragons,

For a thousand years, Vainqueur has slept in the depths of his dungeon; dreaming of wealth, of princesses, of adventures old and new. His minions ceaselessly toiled in the darkness for his inevitable awakening.

Today, Vainqueur wakes up from his slumber.

For the long awaited Vainqueur Webtoon

Is finally out! Today!

Featuring 49 episodes covering the first volume and many new arcs (from the hilarious backstories of V&V to the mysterious Truck Conspiracy), Vainqueur’s webtoon is a project the great artists at Tapas and yours truly have been working on for over a year. It’s bright, it’s funny, and it’s how I always pictured Vainqueur in a visual format.

So go ahead and check it out!


I hope you will enjoy these new illustrated dragon adventures.

Praise the Hoard,


Story moved to Royal Roads and Patreon

After much consideration, Vainqueur the Dragon will now fully migrate to the Royal Roads platform; the first ten chapters (uncensored) will remain available on this website, but the story will no longer be updated there.

You can thus keep following the adventures of Vainqueur on RR by clicking on this link.

If you want to access advance chapters and get other privileges, please consider supporting me on Patreon.

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